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About us

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Black owl’s house is a chamber theater for kids and adults founded in 2018 by a team of like-minded repatriates from Belarus and Russia.


We make modern musical interactive performances, where puppets play on a par with dramatic actors, and the audience is fully involved in what is happening on stage.

In our theatre, heroes of favorite books and stories come to life. In our theater you can hear amazing songs and kids’ laughter. Our performances are teaching to be friends, to dream and to believe in miracles.


"Everything is simple"
Performance for kids

and adults from 5

to 120 years old

How does a plastic bag dance? What can a bucket of paint say? What is the old light bulb singing about? Sometimes the simplest things that surround us in everyday life can tell amazing stories.
This performance without words

will allow you to take a fresh look

at the familiar world and give

everyone a little magic.

No upcoming events at the moment

A special place made with love and talent! I have never seen such an unusual space for kid’s self-expression. Very cool.

Our dreamteam

Contact us

(+972) 054 616 43 64 OLGA

Zarhin 3, Ra'anana

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